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Lost & Found


Did you find something?

If you want to report a found item, please email and I'll update this page to list the item.  If someone claims the item from you, please contact to take down the listing.

Found Items



  • Youth black Under Armour catcher's mitt.  Found at Veterans Field in mid-June.  If yours, contact   for information on how to retrieve.




  • Two Easton black and blue baseball bags found at Veterans Field parking lot July 21.  If yours, contact  for information on how to retrieve.


  • Black Mizuno glove found at Veterans Field week of July 11-17.  If yours, contact   for information on how to retrieve.​


Did you lose something?

If you lost something at an ABYB event or on one of the ABYB fields, it might be turned in.  If so, let us know so we can match it up with the owner!  Contact   to list an item, and of course contact your coach who might have cleaned up after the event and taken the item for safe keeping.

Lost Items

2017: ​

  • Youth, right-handed, Rawlings outfielder's glove with Dave Winfield signature (dad's childhood glove, sentimental value!).  Lost at McCarthy-Towne field during spring season.  If you found it, please contact



  • Blue sports bag containing baseballs, racquetball racquet, tennis balls and a few other items.  Lost at MacPherson field.  If you found it, please contact